Work out with me! // Abs

Hi everyone! I have another video for you from the ‘tone it up’ – class I teached at Petit Plié. This time we work on our abs! Join me and work for your ab-lines/sixpack/ab-crack/… Whatever your goals are!

Who can do this?

Everyone can do this workout! I give some modifications in the video, the most important thing is to keep moving! Even if you can’t do every move, I had someone in my class with pain in the neck and shoulders but she still kept going! Just make sure you don’t just sit still 🙂 If an exercise is to hard, make it a little easier. For example by bending your legs or not dropping them as low as you  should. But if you can, try to make it harder. Hard work pays off!

So conclusion, this workout is for all ages and all levels!

The video


I’m wearing the same outfit as the previous video, because it was obviously filmed at the same lesson!


Hope you like the workout!




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