Latest fit-trend: the AB CRACK

Hi everyone! The tigh-gap is out, the next hype has arrived: the AB CRACK. What does it look like? How do you get one? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

What is it?

The ab crack is a vertical line extending from the ribs down the torso, often seen on very thin models. The picture most often used to illustrate this new trend of “perfection” is from Emily Ratajkowski:


How do you get one?

Let’s make this clear: an ab crack is the result of a very low body fat percentage and genetics. You may be genetically blessed with a crack and some have such a low body fat percentage that they can show off the line. But it’s not guarenteed that you’ll achieve the ab crack even if you’re working out to that point.

So to conclude: it requires a low body fat level, muscular abdominal muscles and some particular genes in your DNA. There’s absolutely no point in doing killer workouts to achieve the ab crack.

If you’re not blessed with an ab crack

Then you’re absolutely NOT missing a thing! The image of “the perfect body” keeps changing and you have to decide for yourself how YOU want to look. It’s dangerous for your self-image to keep staring at pictures on instagram/facebook/pinterest/… from every new “fit goal” wishing you looked like that. What is beautiful? Everyone will have a different answer to that question. Ab cracks/thigh gaps/bikini bridges/… have little to do with that. So it’s definitely not worth obsessing over 🙂

Let me know, are you “blessed” with an ab crack?



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