7 tips on HOW TO lose weight

Hi everyone! Everyone wants to be healthy and happy in its body. These days you can find lot’s of motivational stuff online and you can be easily convinced to start your own fitjourney! But how do you actually lose weight? I have 7 tips for you!

1) Exercise

Exercise burns calories and CONTINUES to burn fat while you sleep!

2) Don’t skip meals

Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Breakfast keeps blood sugar and hormons on a steady level and gives your metabolism a BOOST to burn more calories.

3) Add protein and low fat diary in your “diet”

When you eat protein, you develop a hormon that decreases the “hunger feeling”. By simply adding 10 percent of protein to your meals, you’ll feel full for a much longer time. Low fat diary contains calcium that binds fat and makes your body excreed this fat instead of containing it.

4) Soup!

When you drink a glass of water while you eat, your body will feel ‘full’ much faster. If you blend your meal into a soup, your body will be much slower digesting it. Your stomach will stay expended, making you feel full for longer.

5) Count your calories

Write down what you eat for an entire day. I did it and was shocked with the amount of calories I used on unhealthy food. Just knowing a coffee is 10 calories but a cappucchino is 100 calories makes you more selfconscious and able to make better decisions. Documenting what you eat can make you eat more food – with less calories.

6) Reduce your plate size

When eating from a smaller plate, you can reduce your food intake. Studies show that eating from a smaller plate can reduce your food intake upto 22 percent. Our bodies have a hard time refusing food that’s in front of us, even when we’re full.

7) Sleep 8 hours a night

Sleep deprivation and stress increase appetite making it harder to keep of the pounds. Studies show that humans need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. When you get less or more than that, you have more chance to become diabetic, overweight and even die sooner.

Article written by the use of 1 great source: AsapSCIENCE. Watch their video by clicking on the link! I recommend all their other videos as well, you can learn a lot from it!





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