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Hi everyone! This post is long due, I received some packages from Your Tea and I’ve tried them out! Time to let you know what I think. I’ll start with the ‘Tiny Tea‘, it’s definitely the most popular one.

The box

First of all, a big thumbs up to the developers of this cute box! It’s an adorable box with a nice message on the inside and some colorful tea-bags. The box contains 40 bags and you should drink 2 or 3 every day, 30 minutes before your meal.



I was a little sceptical at first, no way this tea is going to make me skinny! But it definitely has some positive aspects. Tiny Tea is a really healthy tea with great ingredients: Camellia Sinensis, Catsia, Lotus Leaf, Barley, Tea, Prunella Spike, … For the healthy ingredients I’d recommend it already.

The taste

At first I didn’t like the taste, it was okay with a little sugar in it but adding sugar is obviously not what you should do to lose weight. After drinking it for a couple of days, I started to enjoy the taste of Tiny Tea. The only thing I still dislike is that after drinking the tea, you have a weird taste in your mouth. I flushed that taste with some water and I was okay again!

Will I lose weight?

But do you lose weight while drinking this tea? Well, the answer is ‘not specifically’. I do believe that it really helped with bloating but you won’t lose weight because you’re drinking Tiny Tea. Drinking the tea makes you lose WATER weight. Your body flushes out the excess salt and releases retained water. This keeps you from looking bloated or swelled up.

If you lost weight while drinking this tea, it’s just because you are HYDRATING. You can just as easily drink water (that’s even less expensive!). But you’ll probably won’t like to drink plain water so much, for that this tea can be a great solution.


It’s a very healthy tea that will help you reduce bloating. You might lose weight but that will be due to the fact that you’re hydrating which you can do as easily with water. The tea just makes the process of hydrating more easy ’cause you have some taste in your water. For the tea-lovers this is a great way to get hydrated! Did you try some kind of skinny tea? Let me know!





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