Hi everyone! I tried out the barre-workout! It’s a real hype in the USA and upcoming in Belgium. Spoiler: I survived! But it’s no class for softies, Let me explain:

IMG_20160805_180334My Hunkemöller-ambassador-collegue Marianne, aka crossmediagirlontherun, inspired me with her great barre-workout-pics on instagram! I definitely was curious because I heard a lot of Americans claiming this class was the best! A lot of celebs are doing it and it’s an upcoming hype in Belgium as well. So time to try it out!

The workout

A barre-class is a combination of pilates, HIIT and ballet. First a warm-up (quite intense already!) with squats, jumping jacks and stretches on the beat of the music. My heartrate went up in a couple of minutes!

Then we continued with some arm-exercises. I had an 1kg-weight and before class started I was thinking “piece of cake, I’m training with a lot more at home”. BUT (a BIG BUT) it was so heavy! You can compare it to a blogilates-workout (that’s even without weights!) when it feels like your arms are going to deattach from your body because of that stupid little weight.

And we just started… Moving on to the barre. Grand jetés (yes I feel like a ballerina again!), squats, leg lifts, leg pulses, plié squats, donkey kicks, fireman pulses, … We just kept on going! Next up: ABS. Using a pilates ball, we killed those abs! It’s really no workout for lazy people.

At the end we did some stretches and I was extremely happy I SURVIVED. 😀

Change your body

The class was 1 hour long so I definitely burned a lot of calories AND developed some muscles! This is a great workout to lose weight and get toned! You’ll probably struggle during the lesson, at least I did, but in the end you’ll be so proud you did it!

Where can I do this?!

IMG_20160805_180317Ofcourse you are SUPER excited now to try out a barre-class! I went to the Yoga Factory in Antwerp and took Brad Inness‘class.  He’s an amazing instructor, very motivational! He can easily get his voice to go louder than the music and decreases your pain by counting down how many more reps to go. 😀 Great music, great teacher, I definitely recommend to take his class.

I really want to go back there when school starts again. Then I’m already in Antwerp and there’s no way back! 😀 Are you joining me?




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