I’m an “OBESE” fitgirl, maybe you are too.

Hi everyone! Check the title of this blogpost. I’m an “obese” fitgirl. I didn’t expect this at all since my BMI is only 19. How is this possible you ask? Let me tell you:

Some background information

In 2013 I started my ‘fitjourney’ with Blogilates-workouts at home. This evolved into more and more intensive workouts like insanity, HIIT and recently the BOD-program. So even besides all the dancing and teaching dance I’m pretty active. The last half year I’m more and more curious about the effects of eating healthy. I never watched my food because I thought “I work out a lot, I can eat whatever I want”.

I’m in my twenties so my shape is changing and I noticed that I can’t keep looking like this while eating everything I want. At home we had the habit of eating french fries every friday, once a week some white pasta, … So the last months I’m trying to changing that habit.

BMI & fat percentage

I’ll be totally honest with you in this blogpost. I’m only 159cm tall but I’ve never been above 51 kg’s. At the moment my weight differs between 48 and 50 kg’s. This means my body mass index is 19. The “standard” is between 18,5 en 25. So according to my BMI I’m not over weight at all.

Mr. Boyfriend’s brother is prepping for a fitness competition and he has his fat percentage checked every now and then. So since I started to watch my food more closely, I became curious of my own body fat percentage. After doing some research, the skinfold measurement is one of the most accurate ways to know your body fat percentage. I went to Antwerp Fitness Shop to have myself measured. It went very quick, the owner of the shop is definitely used to do these measurements. Which is extremely important to get an accurate result.

I expected to be between 20-25% which is for people who work out quite often. Especially for my age, this couldn’t be a weird guess. At home, I did a tape measurement and the outcome was 20% bodyfat. But my weighting scale said 16,9%. That last one didn’t sound right though, that would be a very low number.


per leeftijd

The outcome of the 8-point skinfold measurement in the shop was 32%. SAY WHAT???!!! I was SHOCKED, I didn’t sleep that night and kept doing research online to find an anwer to my question “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?” I’m adding my results in here so you know I’m not making this up.

How is that possible?

Apperently, the amount of fat on my triceps, thighs and calves are “higher than normal”. The other measured places were fine, according to the owner of the fitness shop. I was still devestated, after all those years of hard work I was “obese” considering bodyfat. Mr. Boyfriend blamed the fitness-shop owner to measure me wrong, I blamed my friends&family for never telling me I was fat, … But after cooling down I realised: when I look in the mirror, I don’t see an obese girl at all. The only explanation I could give is that I have less muscles than I thought…

Apperently people who weigh a 100 kilos can have a lower fat percentage than I have, just because their body contains a big amount of muscles (Muscles weigh more than fat!). So it’s possible that you have a body fat percentage that’s too high, even if you look very skinny.

Do you need to focus on body fat percentage?

I talked to a lot of people about this and I know the most important thing is that I’m happy with my body, that I like what I see when I look in the mirror. But I’m really in this fitjourney to get healthier, stronger and fitter. So for the healthy part this is really a wake-up call for me to pay attention to what I eat.

It’s all about BALANCE. I’m not saying I won’t eat anything unhealthy anymore, I wouldn’t want to live like that. But I definitely want to be more selfconscious about what I eat and I want to make an effort to get into the ‘normal’ fat percentage-zone, just to be healthier. I’m saying this to be very clear: I DO NOT WANT TO GET SKINNIER. Because that’s a thought that easily pops up in people’s minds. I want to be healthier, stronger and fitter. I believe I can achieve that while eating A LOT of healthy food. My intention is not to lose weight. I’d rather gain some weight by creating more muscles.

What now?

I’m still wishing something went wrong with the test but realise that’s probably not the case. To be sure and to give you the right information, I’ll have myself measured again in september in the Antwerp Fitness Shop (the 8-point skinfold measurement), I’ll go to the Health Advice shop in Breda (they do a 4-point skinfold measurement) and I’ll have my body scanned in Energy Lab. All this in the same week and preferably not much days in between.

The bodyscan is definitely the most accurate, but this way I can see if the skinfold measurements are really trustworthy.

Have you ever had a skinfold measurement?



To be continued ...



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