How to stick to your foodschedule?

Hi everyone! I’ve been following my foodschedule for almost 2 weeks now and there were definitely some challenges. In this post I’ll be sharing some tips to prevent any problems while following a foodschedule!


First of all, make sure you MEALPREP! If you prepare your meals, you won’t easily grab something else. Because you already made the food! You don’t want to throw your food away, right? 🙂 For me, this is definitely the number 1 trick to stick to my foodschedule. Sure, you have to make time to mealprep, but look at it this way: 2 times a week mealprepping for 2 hours or every single day cooking your meals and losing 2 hours a day... I say easy decision!


Buy only what you need

When you go to the supermarket, only buy what you need. It’s tempting to buy some chocolats or sweets but if you don’t buy them, you can’t eat them! As simple as that. Try to keep your house clean from the food you want to avoid.


Measure  your food

Measure your food while mealprepping, it’s very handy to easily take a container with your food in it and start eating. You won’t overeat if you’ve finished your plate. That’s scientifically proven!  I talked about that in this post.


Write down what you eat

This one has been a real lifesaver for me. If I write down what I eat, I’m constantly reminded to stick to the schedule. You may call me a little authistic or a perfectionist but I don’t want to write down any unhealthy things that aren’t planned. That would make me feel bad and it will ruin my food-diary! 😛


Let me know if you have some more tips to stick to your foodschedule! I’d be happy to learn more tricks! 🙂



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