Healthbox Happiness

Hi everyone! Last week I received a Healthbox for the first time and I couldn’t be happier! Rachelle Van Koningsbruggen chose the items for this box and she did a great job! Let me tell you what’s in it and how to get one yourself.

What’s a healthbox?

Every month a new healthbox is fabricated with healthy snacks, gadgets, … It’s like a present to yourself because you don’t know what’s in it when ordering! The value of the box I received is around 67 euros while you only pay 24,95 euros for the box! You can subscribe to receive the healthbox every month.

What’s in it?

As I said before, the content is a surprise. But I really want to share the content of this box to give you an example of what to expect!

  1. Mister Free’d – chia & sesame seeds: glutenfree crackers
  2. Vita Coco: cocoswater
  3. Orthica – Multi energy tablets
  4. Orthica – Magnesium tablets
  5. Body & Fit – BCAA tablets
  6. The Primal Pantry – hazelnut & cacao bar
  7. Verival – crunchy spelt: cereal for breakfast or a snack
  8. Body & Fit – gift voucher
  9. KCALculated – gift voucher
  10. A flyer with information about magnesium
  11. A discount coupon for a summer healthbox

img_20160909_140348 img_20160909_140359

My favorites

I love the gift vouchers, especially from KCALculated because I’ve wanted to try this for so long! The tablets are awesome as well, I’ve never used any supplements and now I can try some! I love the crunchy spelt as a snack, really crispy and delicious. The bar wasn’t my favorite but my dad was really happy to eat it for me, so that’s according to your own taste. The cocoswater is a great substitute for plain water so perfect for some variation. The other items are still to be tested but I’m sure I’ll enjoy them as well!

Where to buy?

You can get your own box here for only 24.95 euros! Treat yourself and enjoy!




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