Event: Ibis Breakfast Club

Hi everyone! Let me tell you all about my beautiful stay at the Ibis hotel in Brussels. I was there to enjoy their new concept of Ibis Kitchen Breakfast! Name of the event: Ibis Breakfast Club! How cool is that?!

Summery of the event

On friday september 9th, we checked in at the Ibis hotel in Brussels, situated at the Grand Place next to the train station. We enjoyed some delicious food and had a great session from body & alignment coach Goedele Leyssen. I’ll tell you more about what I learned in a following blog post!

Breathing exercise

I loved getting to know fellow bloggers, had such a great time meeting new people! After a goodnight sleep we got up early at 6.30 a.m. to attend the workshop of food expert Charlotte Vande Riviere. She explained the importance of having breakfast and the best way to put together what you eat in the morning. More information coming soon!

Healthy breakfast

Ibis collaborated with Swissjump as well so we could enjoy an amazing trampoline-workout at 8 a.m.! Next up: BREAKFAST! It was delicious and you could make lot’s of healthy choices while enjoying not-so-healthy jummy stuff as well. The event ended with a champagne toast to a good start of our day!

What is Swissjump?

Swissjump is a new kind of fitness rising in Belgium. It all started in Switzerland and gives you muscle, souplesse, balance, coordination and endurance. It’s fun, you should try it! The trampolines are from ‘bellicon®’ and are worldwide the best mini-trampolines that offer a combination between fitness and health.

A lot of athletes are implementing the training to improve their muscles. It trains superficial muscles and deeper muscles at the same time by alternating tensioning and relaxing.

Yes, that crazy active one in the middle is me!

Advantages of Swissjump

  1. More power: All 656 muscles are used which causes healthy and revitalising effects! It’s a natural and efficient way to improve your muscles.
  2. Cardio for a healthy heart: Jumping is great for the circulation of your blood. & good news: no boring exercises needed!
  3. A flexible body: A quiet warm-up followed by exercises where you move your arms and legs in opposite directions. It trains your entire core!
  4. Balance: Balance is important for every physical activity, you’ll train your balance on the mini-trampoline with some fun exerercises!
  5. Relaxed and less stress: Remove the stress by jumping! The alternating between tension and relaxation can make this happen.

Time for cardio!


A big thank you to Ibis Hotels for this great experience, to KetchumPr to make it possible and to Pauline to ask me to join her! Loved every second of this event and I can’t wait to tell you more about the workshops.

Cheers to a good start of your day!



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