Fitgirl Fashionhacks: new collection ProNails

Fitgirl Fashionhacks: new collection ProNails

Hi everyone! Last week I went to the ProNails event where they introduced their new collection of nailpolish and handcare. Do you ruin your nails while working out? Are your hands sore from lifting all those weights? Keep reading to discover some fitgirl fashionhacks!

The issue

I honestly admit that my nailpolish gets ruined all the time while working out. Pieces of nailpolish often come off and I’m pretty sick of it! Even if I don’t mess them up while working out, they never last more than 3 days.

The solution

ProNails came up with a ‘longwear collection’, a brandnew innovation that makes sure your nailpolish will remain perfect for a longer time. You only need 3 steps to make this work:

  1. Start
  2. Colour
  3. Finish

These are the usual steps you say? Nope. There’s happening something extra: thanks to the Longwear ColourFix Technology, the start, colour and finish coat merge together and create a firm bond. Hold your nails in natural daylight to start the merge!

Color please!

You might be curious about the colors in this longwear collection. Surprise, there are 3 different collections with beautiful colors!

1.The Back-to-wool Collection


2. The Colour-code Collection


3.The Rising-sun Collection


Handcare solutions

Do you have sore hands after a workout? I usually feel the burn from holding the weights and some handcare is crucial to maintain soft hands! ProNails released its anti-age handcare gamma, it’s never too early to use anti-age right?

The new ProNails Hand Care range is chockfull of smart ingredients that give instant protection against skin aging. ProNails hand products combat the effects of aging on your skin and protect it against harmful impacts. Conclusion: great stuff for fitgirls who like to protect their skin from damage!

They released hand creme, hand scrub, hand mask, hand soap AND hand serum. An entire roadmap to beautiful skin!

28858-anti-age-hand-cream-rich-spf-15-300-ml 28855-deep-defense-hand-serum-30-ml

The Event

I chose to try the ‘Show Some Skin’ nailpolish from the back-to-wool collection. I’m still wearing the nailpolish while I’m writing this post, it’s been a week since the event now! It survived my workouts, love it! There were some jummy snacks and I met some new bloggers again! Thank you Global Image PR and ProNails for having me, it was great!


img_20161013_142026 img_20161013_141859

I received some more nailpolish from the longwear collection to try out so you’ll see some pics on my instagram soon!

I’m curious, which longwear collection is your favorite? 



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