Fitspo: Christmas Wishlist – for every fitgirl

Fitspo: Christmas Wishlist – for every fitgirl

Hi everyone! Christmas is almost there and I decided to share my wishlist with you. Still looking for some gift-inspiration for your fit friend or something to add on your own christmas wishlist? Take a look at what’s on mine:

Note: I know there’s a lot on this list, I don’t expect to get that much presents but my birthday is in december as well AND I don’t like to know what my presents will be. So this way it’s still a surprise which items I will receive! 


There’s always some activewear on my christmas wishlist! This year I chose some Bombshell items:

Bombshell leggings thigh high in grey/black. $86


Bombshell leggings dangerous 3 straps. $86


Bombshell mystic crop top black. $38


Lifestyle items

I love to drink tea and I definitely need a new kettle. I found this cute one and fell in love immediatly! It’s called the Princess Pyramide and costs €44,90. Tea is my great savior when I have sugar cravings late in the evening. I take a cup of sweet tea and I don’t crave for chocolate or candy anymore! You should try it!


A Foam Roller to relieve muscle pain after working out! I love stretching and this foam roller can massage any sore muscles. You can buy it at Coolblue for €24.95.


I’m fond of cosy and warm clothing like fuzzy socks, onesies and pyjamas! On a lazy sunday or a well-deserved restday, I love to walk around in my pyjamas all day. That’s why this item from Hunkemöller is on my list as well: Fleece Onesie: €42.99


I do need a new case for my cell phone. Why not choose something motivational? I love these cases from Aliexpress ($4.99 a piece):

case-x case

Another thing I love is going to dance performances! This year on my wishlist is “Donna“, a powerful ode to women. Their premiere is sold out already but if it’s going well, they’ll get some more shows in! So let’s hope for more performances, I’m sure this is a campaign more powerful than just another dance performance. It’s about self-acceptance, solidarity, motherhood, sacrifice and beauty. The dance company NOI exists of only 4 female dancers who search for the definition of feminity while dancing. A ticket is only 10 euros in presale.


Last but not least, a great present for fit or health-inspired people is a GetFitJournal! I use one all the time and it really keeps me on track. I spent a lot of time developing one that’s easy to use, pretty and inspirational. So this will be my new fitjournal, perfect to start 2017! It consists of 8 weeks where you track your workouts and what you eat every single day. With weigh-ins and pictures, motivational quotes, a little note from me every single week, a week-planner, foodplanner, workoutplanner,… I also included an example of my own food -and workoutschedule! You can find it HERE for €19.95 (delivery costs included!). I bought my own copy already but leave it here in the list as a tip for you!



If you speak english (webshop is in dutch) and want a copy as well (journals are in english) just contact me and I’ll make the shipping work for thesame price!

What’s on your wishlist?





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