I started ballet at 5 years old and still LOVE it.

I started ballet at 5 years old and still LOVE it.

Hi everyone! In this post I wanted to talk about my passion for ballet. It might sound boring but I think it’s beautiful and I love the grace it has given me since I was a little child.

People often ask me “Do you always sit up so straight?” “How do you ride your bike so graceful?”, .. Well, that’s all thanks to the ballet classes I took since I was five years old. I love that my parents gave me that opportunity and if I’m honest, I still like taking ballet classes at this age.

Mini ballerina

In my first years at dance class, I was the ONLY kid that couldn’t dance on the music. But I loved it and my parents were proud anyway. How couldn’t they be? Have you ever seen a little girl in a ballerina outfit? Just adorable!

I’m the girl with the braids 🙂

Adult ballerina

As I said earlier, I still love taking ballet classes and I can’t get enough of those pretty tutu’s! I love watching dance performances and I like to be on a stage myself as well.

(c) Photographer Aukje Vanhoutte
(c) Photographer Aukje Vanhoutte

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of my own dance studio one day and that day might be very close right now. Next schoolyear I’m making my dream come true together with a great girl who’s a professional dancer!

So by telling you this I want you to know: DREAMS COME TRUE. You just got to work for it. Set your goals and go for it! I have plenty more goals and I’m determined to make them come true as well!

What’s your dream?



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