Hunkemöller Christmas Event

Hunkemöller Christmas Event

Hi everyone! Let’s go for that Christmas Spirit and give you an extra blogpost on this Christmas Day! I wanted to share some pics with you from the Hunkemöller Christmas Event I attended. Take a look:


It was an incredible day with a lovely lunch, christmas presents, a brainstorm session, make-up & hair and a photoshoot. In the brainstorm session we discussed what a good bikini should look like. I’m extremely happy to tell you that the next collection for summer ’17 is already looking awesome! I love that they really listen to us and adapt to what the customer wants.

Bad news for me, I’ll be broke if that collection comes out. Too many pretty swimwear on it’s way!


Take a look at some pictures from the photoshoot! It’s really christmassy so perfect for today’s mood. I got to wear the softest onesie ever!hkm-santa-baby-web-rdy-198-van-223
hkm-santa-baby-web-rdy-201-van-223 hkm-santa-baby-web-rdy-222-van-223

Do you like the pictures?



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