Core Exercises At Home

Core Exercises At Home

Hi everyone! Let’s start 2017 well with showing you some core exercises that you can easily do at home. No equipment needed, just your motivation! Let’s get started:


Exercise 1: Knee tuck-ins

You start this exercise in a planking position. Then you jump with your both legs in between your hands. Jump back into plank en back with your legs in between your hands. Keep going! This counts as cardio and building up the muscles in your abs and back.

pic1 pic2

Exercise 2: L-crunches

Bring your head and shoulders slightly from the ground and your legs in an L-shape. Don’t touch the ground with your feet! The only thing you have to do now is perform regular crunches. Does your neck hurt? Put your hands behind your head. Is it to heavy? Breng your lowest leg a little higher or bend your legs. No excuses!


Exercise 3: Oblique crunches

Start in a position where your head and shoulders are lifted from the ground. Bring your right shoulder to the left side, your left shoulder to the right side, .. Try to direct very clearly with your shoulders and not with your hand or neck.

pic5 pic6

Exercise 4: Plank

The only thing you have to do is stand in a planking position and stay there as long as possible. Sounds easy but it’s really hard.  Build it up: try to hold on for 30 seconds at first and add 5 to 10 seconds daily. You’ll be surprised how quick you can improve! This is a great exercise for your entire core.

Core Exercise Plank

Have fun training your core! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!





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