6 famous fitgirls you HAVE to follow on instagram

Hi everyone! I love being inspired by fellow ‘fitgirls’ on instagram and today I’m sharing my favorites with you. Take a look:

1. Sophie Guidolin

This mum of four is definitely my role model. She’s fit, healthy, beautiful, kind, down to earth, … Her twins are the cutest you’ve ever seen, they even have their own IG-account! I bought her ‘THE BOD’ program and it’s absolutely amazing. I love incorporating these exercises in my own workout-schedule. The community of girls who follow ‘the bod’ is absolutely amazing as well. So much support, no negativity and lot’s of inspiration. What Sophie achieved is incredible and if there’s anyone you HAVE to follow on IG, it’s her.

2. Whitney Simmons

This girl is crazy. But she’s lovely crazy. Besides her instagram, you should go watch her youtube videos. I love them, they are funny, informative and just perfect. She recently became a gymshark athlete and she definitely deserved that. With her cute dog and perfect activewear outfits, she’s the perfect inspiration! Now that I have my membership to the gym, I’m sure I will learn A LOT from her workouts!

3. Denice Moberg

This girl, a gymshark athlete as well, has the PERFECT abs. You might already know that I really love those ab lines and when I scroll over a pic of Denice, I’m dedicated to achieve them! I do know that your body shape is personal and I might never achieve the shape that I actually love but I’m willing to try. Besides having the perfect set of abs, she also shares great workout videos!

4. Cassey Ho

She made me fall in love with working out years ago. Pilates in front of my laptop or tv was a daily ritual and I learned A LOT from this girl. A worldwide popster army and a successful activewear line created by a single person, by someone who once wasn’t happy with what she was doing with her life and decided to make a change. She is a big inspiration and an example for anyone who’s afraid to take a step into happiness. She’s down to earth, kind and the perfect pop pilates instructor.

5. Yolaforthewin

Another fitgirl with the PERFECT abs! I love her instagram feed, it’s very bright and looks extremely professional. She’s a dutch girl doing crossfit and weightlifting. Exactly the things that I love to do as well! Need some inspiration to get fit and stay that way? Follow her.

6. Isabellafit

If there’s anyone in control of her body shape, it’s this fitgirl. She has made the journey of losing lot’s of weight, getting to an extreme athletic shape and transforming into a beautiful girly fit shape. Maybe you don’t agree with how I describe it but in my opinion is her actual shape absolutely stunning. I love that she makes some realistic postsย to give you a reality check and that she diversifies with pretty inspirational pics and funny pics.


Are there famous fitgirls I need to add to this list? Or would you like to see my list of -not so famous (yet)-fitgirls? Let me know!




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