Smart Wraps by Body&Fit

Smart Wraps by Body&Fit

Hi everyone! Remember my unboxing video from Body&Fit? I invited Anouk and we used the smart wraps for dinner, let me share the result with you:

The recipe

These smart wraps (14g protein) only need to be in the oven for 10 minutes (220°C) so in the meantime I sliced some chicken and baked them with chicken spices.

We choose some vegetables to add into the wraps: salad, tomatoes and cucumber. As sauce between the wraps Anouk made guacamole by mixing avocado with preprepared spices.

The only thing you’ve left to do is take your wraps, put on guacamole and veggies! That’s it, enjoy!

The verdict

These smart wraps were as delicious as regular wraps! Usually I eat 2 regular wraps but this time I was full with only one smart wrap. I’ll definitely order these wraps again, APPROVED!

Have you tried smart wraps yet?



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