My Workout Playlist

My Workout Playlist

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my workout playlist full of pump up songs to get you into training mode. Curious about my playlist? Check it out:

Kickstart your workout

Preparation is KEY to kickstart your workout! A handy waterbottle, read: not leaking, is an important item on my list. Besides that, comfy activewear to make me feel confident and powerful. Last but not least, I need great music and a good headphone! It’s hard to look for new music every once in a while so that’s why I’m sharing my top 5 songs to pump it up!

5 pump-up songs on my playlist

  1. Fort Minor – Remember the name
  2. Kraddy – Android Porn
  3. A strange revolt – Can’t be human
  4. Eminem – Lose yourself
  5. 300 – Violin Orchestra

Please let me know what your favorite workout songs are! 




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