DID YOU KNOW? – Fit Facts

DID YOU KNOW? – Fit Facts

Hi everyone! Did you know that watching sports commercials helps you lose weight? In this post I’m sharing some fit facts you might not know yet:


watching sports commercials helps you lose weight?

This sounds pretty weird but was researched by the Wageningen University. They investigated how people responded on sports advertorials. Apparently these people ate less after watching the commercial, meanly 1/4th less calories! An explanation could be that after watching these commercials, the viewers were motivated to lose weight themselves and get in shape.

it’s possible to drink too much water?

We’re talking about water intoxication here. This could have severe consequences. The extra liters humidity you get into your body will disturb your humidity and natrium balance. Even your brain might start to swell!

exercising doesn’t make your abs come out?

It’s like they say ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. You might have lot’s of abdominal muscles but they won’t be visible if there’s still a layer of fat above them. You’ll have to eat healthier to remove the layer of fat and get those abs visible.

your muscle mass won’t disappear after a week of not exercising?

Your body needs rest, that’s very important. You won’t lose all your muscle mass if you skip your exercises for a week. It might even help to book more progress afterwards.

your BMI doesn’t say that much about your body composition?

BMI is a calculation made by the ratio between your body weight and height. What if you weigh a lot because you’re very muscular? Your BMI will be high but you won’t be unhealthy! That’s the reason why dieticians and fitness coaches don’t care about that BMI-number that much anymore.

Do you know a fun fit fact too? Let me know!



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