Stretching outside

Stretching outside

Hi everyone! I’m pretty sure that a lot of you often go for a run outside and would love some stretching tips. Even if you’re not a runner (yes like me!) it’s pretty nice to stretch outside. Let me show you my outdoor stretching routine: 

Why should you stretch?

Stretching is eally important to reduce the chances of injury. Also, stretching can make you stronger. Let’s be theoretical for a second: stretching lengthens your muscles so you can perform movements more technical and create a bigger joint mobility. By this larger length of contraction you’ll be able to have more strength while turning, spinning and performing stroke and throwing movements.

You can reduce muscle pain by stretching after an effort. So next to preventing injury and improving your achievements, it’s relaxing for your muscles as well. So let’s start stretching!

My outdoor stretching routine:

  1. Stretch while keeping your front leg bended and your back leg stretched. Push against the wall to feel the stretch in the calf of your stretched leg.
  2. Take one leg back and push your pelvis forward to intensify the stretch.

  3. Pull one leg up behind you, keep your arm forwards for more balance. To intensify this stretch, try to get your shoulders in one line. As you can see on this picture, I still have room to push my right shoulder forward until it gets in line with my left shoulder. You’ll feel this stretch in your legs as well as in your lower back.
  4. This stretch is similar to the first one. You don’t use a wall to push against so you’ll have to place your back leg as far back as possible. Bow as deep as you can through your front leg and hold. 
  5. This last stretch is really good to improve your agility and to prevent stiffness in your inner upper legs.

Have fun stretching! Do you always stretch after your workout?




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