FITSOLUTE workout: my experience

FITSOLUTE workout: my experience

Hi everyone! I tried out a workout from FITSOLUTE. They have different challenges you can easily complete at home. Take a look at my experience:

What is Fitsolute?

Fitsolute is a website with lots of workout challenges, different workout programmes, a blog, information about what to eat, recipes, … It is in dutch so sorry for my english readers! 

Before you start, you’ll have to pick your kind of subscription and then you get full access to everything on their website! On your account you get an overview of all the workouts, it indicates the ones you’ve already completed as well.

The workout I’ve tried out is the first workout from the ‘Slimming Challenge’ (Afslankchallenge).

My experience

They’ve really thought these challenges through. I love the fact that you can see the time remaining in the video, you can really push through because you know how long there’s left. The exercises are explained well and besides the main instructur there are two girls doing the challenge with you. One of them shows modifications you can follow if the exercise is too hard.

This first workout was only 14 minutes long and had a nice intensity. It wasn’t too hard but I definitely felt the burn! I watched the video on my laptop so you can see it on the pic but a great tip is to connect your laptop to a TV and watch the video on a big screen!

This was a fatburning routine with lot’s of great exercises. It switches from exercises on the floor to standing exercises. I liked that they repeated the exercises, the first time you can focus on good posture and the second time you already know the drill! I don’t like repeating exercises too much but that isn’t the case here.

You don’t need any equipment to do the exercises. A yoga mat is facultative!

I hope you liked this review of the Fitsolute Slimming Challenge. If you decide to give it a try as well, let me know if you like it as much as I do! 



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