5 reasons to practise YOGA

5 reasons to practise YOGA

Hi everyone! I love a relaxing yoga-session when I’m having a restday. In this blog I’m giving you 5 reasons to love yoga. Take a look:

Reason 1: No stress

Yoga will reduce your stresslevel enormeously. By breathing in the right way and combining that with keeping your balance in a complicated yoga-pose, you’ll develop persistance and the strength to stay ‘ZEN’. By pushing yourself into an uncomfortable pose and practising it until you own it, your daily life will benefit too. You’ll be able to stay calm in the toughest situations. Isn’t that something we all want?

Reason 2: Fix & Flexible until you’re old and grey

Thanks to yoga even your grandparents can stay fit and flexible. Yoga develops muscles you didn’t even know you had, gives you balance and mobility. These are all things older people struggle with. Prevent it and start yoga now!

Reason 3: Reduce injuries

Yoga focusses on ‘listen to your body’. This way you find out what you’re able to do and what not. There are millions of variations so you can still follow a yogaclass even if you’re having trouble with some muscles. A lot of people start yoga when they have issues with their back, knees, …

Reason 4: Get flexy

How awesome do yogaposes look on Instagram? Every time I see someone with his/her leg next to her head I’m agitated to do more yoga. Being flexible isn’t only cool, you’ll feel better and bring out the best of you!

Reason 5: Awesome yogagear

Yes, I’m freaked by activewear. But look at all those yoga outfits and you’ll be in love as well, so many beautiful prints and flattering leggings. The yoga mats are so pretty and the yoga bags are superb as well! What’s a better way to spoil yourself with a new outfit than following a new yoga class?

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to start doing some yoga! Look at the advantages!



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