Discovering Marlene Apples – event

Discovering Marlene Apples – event

Hi everyone! I was invited to discover the Marlene Apples at a bloggerevent. I’ll share the highlights of the event and my opinion on the apples in this blogpost:

Welcome drink

When we first arrived we could try a drink made with beetroot and Marlene Apples. I didn’t think I would like it (the beetroot scared me) but it was delicious, such a great combo!

Yoga with Eva Daeleman

Next up, yoga class with Eva Daeleman! It was different than other yoga sessions I’ve attended; very relaxing and the focus was on feeling every small movement in your muscles. I loved the mantra of the class: “I accept”. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t amazing so we had to relocate from outside in the nature to a room inside. Besides typical belgian weather issues, it was a great experience!

Time for brunch

We arrived at the most beautiful location for the brunch. The royal lodge is such a pretty building, in the middle of nature!

There was so much food to choose from! It was clear the apples where the main focus of the day, there was apple pie, apple crumble, apple juices (3 different kinds!), apple salads, …

I tried out one of the actual apples as well: the “Red Delicious”. It tastes exactly like they describe it: firm, juicy and sweet. I really liked it, apple approved!

About Marlene Apples

The Marlene Apples are high quality with a delicious taste and bright color. They grow in the Northern part of Italy, right below the Alps. What’s so special about these apples? Well, they have a extensive range of varieties: “golden delicious”, “royal gala”, “red delicious”, “granny smith” and “fuji”.

They taste amazing in different recipes too, I’ll definitely try some out and share them on the blog!

I had a great time at this event, met some great fellow bloggers and enjoyed all the food! Thanks to Yapado and Marlene for inviting me!



12 thoughts on “Discovering Marlene Apples – event”

  • Sounds like a beautiful day! With yoga and delicious food! I really would like to try yoga. But I don’t know if it’s possible due to my disability. Maybe it’s too hard.

    • Oh you should try, you could check out some YouTube videos and see if there’s anything you like. There are lot’s of different types of yoga, from very calm and mindful to very active. Maybe you can find something you enjoy and take a class!

  • I love yoga but it Will always gives me pain in my back. I don’t know how. So I don’t do it very much.

    That location where you are writing about is amazing. I like that kinda Locations. And apples, hmmm love it. Unfortunally there are not Many choices here. Elstar, jonagold, granny Smith and golden delicious are the only 4 which i van buy here at Curaçao.

  • The apples look really pretty. I would really like to taste one. Funny how they can make a whole event around one kind off apple and make a big succes out of it! Wonderfull! What a pretty location by the way!

  • Ik reageer even in het Nederlands, omdat ik dat toch makkelijker vind.
    Bijzonder om eens naar een evenement te gaan dat vrijwel volledig draait om appels. Ze zien er heerlijk uit, moet ik zeggen. Glanzen heel mooi! En ik vind ze erg lekker in salades, geeft net dat frisse extraatje.

  • My sister and her husband, are with friends, biking in Italy. She sent me a picture of an apple with my name on it !!
    Amazing !!! an apple named after me. I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

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