How to eat ALL the easter chocolate without gaining weight

How to eat ALL the easter chocolate without gaining weight

Hi everyone! Are you a chocolate addict like I am? Then this blogpost might come in handy. Let me tell you how te eat ALL the easter chocolate without gaining weight!

Chocolate is delicious, I’d eat it all year round! When easter comes around, it’s tempting to eat even more chocolate, ’cause you can’t throw away all that delicious treats you got for easter right?!


It’s all about balance! It’s okay to eat some chocolate, if you eat it in moderation. There’s no need to eat all those eggs at once. Chocolate stays good for a long time so you can spread your treats over weeks or even months!


Had a little too much chocolate? Squeeze in a walk, you’ll even enjoy it ’cause it’s springtime! Any other type of exercise is fine by the way. Go swimming, dancing, take a yoga class, …

Stop the temptation

I’m having lot’s of trouble with resisting to the chocolate if it is right in front of me. Make sure to put it away in the closet so you’re not looking at it all the time! It really reduces the temptation!

Invite some friends

Yay! The best thing to keep yourself from eating ALL the chocolate is putting the easter eggs on the table when you have family or friends over. They’ll love the treat and help you eat it!

Besides all this, ENJOY easter! It’s a great time to be with friends and family. No need to feel bad the days after easter. It’s only once a year and you can use this tips to make sure you’re not gaining any weight!

How do you handle the chocolate-situation after easter?


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