Bikiniproof in 20 days! Are you in?!

Hi everyone! I’m challenging myself to be bikiniproof in only 20 days and I hope you will join me. Read further to find out what to do:

5 Basic rules

To get started, I’ve set some basic rules for myself. Make sure you can really commit to them. If you know already it’s not possible for you: adapt the rules to yourself!

  1. Eat healthier: no white carbs, no cookies/candy/chocolate
  2. Only water, lot’s of water (I’m going for at least 2 liters a day)
  3. Work out 6 days a week
  4. No cheatmeals, only treatmeals
  5. Minimum 8 hours of sleep each night

It’s only 20 days, you can do this!

Plan your treats

Make sure to plan those 20 days ahead. What are your plans? When are you going out for dinner with friends, going to parties, …? I’ve chosen three ‘treatmeals’ over the 20 days:

  1. May 4th: We’re dining at a restaurant so I’ll probably get a lasagna!
  2. May 13th: Going out for breakfast in the morning
  3. May 13th: I’ll allow myself some snacks in the evening ’cause I’m having a housewarming at our place

Make sure not to go overboard with the number of treatmeals, you won’t get bikiniproof if you choose to have 10 treatmeals over 20 days…

Plan your workouts

If you’ve made a plan of all the things you have to do during these 20 days, make sure to plan in your workouts as well. I’ve chosen to work out at least 6 days a week. That’s heavy but I’m switching between gym sessions, teaching dance and home workouts.

You can see my planning right here:

As you can see, the last week isn’t filled with workouts anymore. The reason for that is actually pretty funny. On saturday may 20th my parents are having a big ‘wedding renewal’ and I’m getting a spraytan on may 13th. Which means I can’t allow myself to sweat if I want to keep my tan! So I’ll definitely have to watch closely what I eat in those last few days!

Make sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel as well, I’ll upload some home workout videos that I’ll be doing in these 20 days!


Would you like to join me and get bikiniproof in only 20 days? I’m making a support group on instagram! You can share a picture of your workouts, what you eat, ask questions and mainly SUPPORT each other! When you crave for chocolate, put it in the group and we’ll talk you out of it! Let’s do this!

I hope you’re in, leave me your IG name in the comments down below/ send me an email (info@sophiagetfit.com)/ contact me on instagram (Sophia_GetFit) and I’ll add you to the group! 




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