Healthy Breakfast with granola & stevia

Healthy Breakfast with granola & stevia

Hi! I went to the pressdays in Antwerp this month and discovered some great products during a healthy breakfast at Yapado Pressroom. Let me tell you all about it:


The IJLB (I Just Love Breakfast) collection contains different kinds of granola: Pecan/Almond, Cashew/Banana, Cacao, a Christmas Special and Cacao/Coffee. I tried the Pecan/Almond and it tasted great! Some fellow bloggers tried the cacao/coffee and they were in love with it. Those coffee addicts couldn’t get over it!

It was my first time trying an acai bowl and I was pretty suprised. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I really enjoyed my meal. The granola was definitely the best thing in the bowl. It was very crispy and the ingredients are overall from a biological origin.


Different recipes where made with Stevia. Normally stevia has a very distinct flavor, kind of bitter. They recently came on the market with a new Stevia version and this time it’s a lot softer. It tastes more like actual sugar, which I like!

I tried some cookies, gingerbread and a drink with Stevia, it tasted exactly like normal sugar. Approved! It’s such a great alternative for sugar. Haven’t heard of Stevia yet? It’s a plant with natural sweeteners in its leaves. It contains NO calories or carbs.

Sounds all positive right? Don’t overuse ofcourse, it may cause bloating or an upset stomach. The only negative aspect about Stevia is that bitter taste but with their new recipe they’ve handled that problem, yay!

Have you ever heard of this IJLB granola? Or maybe you regularly use Stevia instead of sugar? Let me know! 



9 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast with granola & stevia”

    • Granola is een mix van noten, pitten, zaden en/of granen, die je zoet maakt met bijvoorbeeld honing of suiker en vervolgens roostert in de oven. Muesli is in principe ongezoet en ongeroosterd 😀 Maar het lijkt zeker op elkaar! 😛

  • I love granola with yoghurt or milk. Little bit of fruit and my breakfast is ready! On the other hand i don’t like Stevia. My opinion is that it tast like a sweetner. Luckily for me, i don’t drink that much with sugar. Drinking water is all ready in my system.

  • Eigenlijk nog niet maar ben wel benieuwd. Heb een tijdje terug het echte plantje gegeten (en idd wat is dat bitter), goed dat ze het hebben aangepast. Die persdag ziet er leuk uit.

  • Leuke foto’s! Granola ken ik wel, maar ik haal het eigenlijk nooit. Stevia gebruik ik nooit. Ik vervang suiker meestal door honing.

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