IG FITSPO: Simone lost 20 kgs without working out!

IG FITSPO: Simone lost 20 kgs without working out!

Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to Simone, a wife and mum of two. She lost 20kgs without going to the gym! Read her story and discover her secret to losing weight:

Her story:

Simone was diagnosed with a rare appendix cancer a couple of years ago and ate a lot of unhealthy food at the time, which resulted into gaining a lot of weight. After four surgeries, a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and medication that made her gain weight as well, she fought her way back following Sophie Guidolin’s recipes!

Due to a lot of lower back pain, which resulted in more surgeries later, she couldn’t follow the exercise plan. But she stuck to the recipe-plan, followed it perfectly. Her secret to losing weight: MEALPREP. She preps her meals every sunday for a couple of hours and shares it on instagram! Make sure to take a look at her account here.

She went from 86 kilos to 66 kilos and continues to inspire busy mums to mealprep. Currently she’s an ambassador for Sophie’s program ‘The Bod‘ and offers a discount code SIMONE10 for 10 percent off!

The BOD is available in three versions: starter, maintenance and pro. The Starter Bod is perfect for you if you’re new or relatively new to exercise or you’ve taken a long period of time off exercise and would like to start fresh. It’s also suitable if you’re a mum-to-be or postpartum. Once you get more advanced, you can go get the maintenance or pro version. 


I learnt it’s never too late to grow into the best person you are capable of being. (Simone in one of her IG posts)

So go check her account to be inspired by her amazing mealpreps. Besides that, she shares motivational quotes, transformation pics and more about her journey! I love her mentality, persistance and hilarious posts like this shot after her legday:

Copyright: Instagram Simone_thebod
Copyright: Instagram Simone_thebod

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copyright pictures: Instagram @Simone_thebod

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