5 cool yoga poses in Gymshark Sportswear

5 cool yoga poses in Gymshark Sportswear

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen the Gymshark Sportswear everywhere on instagram. It’s a hype! I noticed it’s always worn in the gym. What about while doing yoga? Is it practical? Is it pretty? Let me share 5 yoga poses that I think are pretty cool, wearing Gymshark sportswear:

The poses:

The wheel

If I’m in this pose for too long, my back starts hurting. So it’s definitely not my favorite exercise, but it looks so pretty! Don’t you think?

The wheel with one leg bend

Aw this is the prettiest pose of all! It looks so artistic. I’ve been doing this one for a long time and still think it’s pretty cool.

The wheel with one straight leg

Oh my gosh, this is so difficult! Still working on getting my leg straight, you can see it’s bended a little bit .

“Lord of the dance” pose

This one can not NOT be in this list, ’cause I’m a dancer!


Literally translated: the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart. How beautiful is that?

How did the Sportswear do?

Well, I actually liked using my Gymshark outfit to practise these poses. I have to admit, I wish I had removed my shoes, yoga in shoes feels weird! I LOVE the top, it’s really stretchy and it’s nice and warm for an outdoor session. The material of the leggings is much thicker than most of my yoga sportswear. I didn’t think that was bad, I had no trouble with see-through parts at all! It might be too warm to practise inside with these leggings but I noticed that, on a hot day, it’s too warm for the gym as well. I guess that’s just the fabric of this particular leggings. I have other gymshark leggings that are much thinner.

So the verdict: the top is perfect, these leggings are a little too thick for an indoor yoga practise. Wondering what to wear to a yoga class? Check my blogpost or video about it!



Hair & MUA: Glitzandglamforyou. Sportswear: Gymshark (Leggings: ft Nikki B., shirt: long-sleeved seamless)



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