Berlin Press trip to discover the new Hunkemöller Sportscollection by @Caro_e_

Berlin Press trip to discover the new Hunkemöller Sportscollection by @Caro_e_

Hi everyone! You might have seen on my InstaStories that I travelled to Berlin last thursday to discover the new Hunkemöller Sports collection by @Caro_e_! They opened a new store at the same time with ONLY activewear!

Short recap of the day

This was the most awesome thing I ever got to do thanks to my blog. My one day trip to Berlin started at 5 a.m.; I had to take two trains, an airplane and a taxi to get into the center of Berlin. We did some shopping, had a delicious lunch (ceasar salad with chicken) and went to the HKMX store.

At the store we (some other Hunkemöller-fit-ambassadors from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain) got the chance to meet with Caroline Einhoff. She’s so sweet and she did an amazing job choosing the designs for this new collection. Combining sports and fashion through great detailing and beautiful colors.

After exploring this beautiful store, we got a present: our favorite pieces from the collection! Fitting it, admiring it in the mirror and trying it out in a bootcamp and stretching session was a great way to discover these pieces.

Pictures please!

Core workout ! (c)Hunkemöller
Some stretching (c)Hunkemöller
and RELAX (c)Hunkemöller
Fitting room selfie!


The collection is for sale online since thursday july 27th and in stores since today! My guess is that this collection will sell quickly so make sure you hurry to get your favorite items. I got so many sweet messages about my outfit already. I have to say that the sweater is super comfy and incredibly soft. Also, the back of the sportsbra I’m wearing looks amazing, the leggings are soft and have a great fit as well. They will be perfect when it’s getting colder, they feel nice and warm!

I hope you liked this little recap of my day!



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