21 year old changed her lifestyle because she noticed even her mum had a better physique

21 year old changed her lifestyle because she noticed even her mum had a better physique

Jana, studying trade science at UGent, also known as Fitstagramsix, decided to change her lifestyle after she went to the gym with her mum and noticed her heartrate was much lower than her own. First of all she decided to do cardio every day for an hour to improve her physique. After that she started interval training and at the moment she’s lifting heavier weights.

I’m convinced that her story will motivate plenty of others. That’s why I asked her to answer some questions so we can get to know her better!

The Interview:

What’s your favorite sport?

Weightlifting, yoga and skiing. Unfortunately I only get to go skiing once a year.

How many times a week do you work out?

That differs each week. When my routine is going well, I go to the gym 3 times a week and practice yoga every single day.

Which (fitness) goals have you reached?

My first goal was to get back to my original weight. I achieved that! Meanwhile I’ve gained some weight again but that was on purpose. Besides that, I didn’t really have specific goals but more general like losing fat and gaining muscle. I used to have no muscles in my arms at all while you can see my biceps really good at this moment. This is something I was very proud of when I achieved it! I would love to get more flexible too. I’m on the right path but I’m not there yet!

What do you eat on a regular day?

It differs every day. I’m doing Flexible Dieting so I do not have a fixed food schedule. I eat mostly food rich of protein. An example of what I eat in a day would be: In the morning cottage cheese with fruits, at noon a salad with tuna, in the evening wraps with chicken and vegetables and during the day some rice waffles with peanut butter and a protein shake.

Do you use supplements?

Yes. Right now I’m only using whey. I’m doing this because I’m having trouble to get my protein needs out of regular nutrition. I make sure not to get more than 20 percent of protein from whey. I have tried BCAA’s, CLA and creatine but I didn’t notice any difference between using them and not using them.

How long have you been on your fitjourney?

About two years now.

Why did you start your fitjourney?

It’s a funny and sad story at the same time. My mum took me to the gym once and we decided to do cardio on a bike. I had my machine installed at the same resistance and speed as my mums. I started to sweat very hard and my heartrate went up very quickly. You’d think that’s a good thing but when you know my mum wasn’t having any trouble at all, you get the picture. Her heartrate was much lower than mine. The older you are, the lower your maximum heartrate is so in proportion, my heartrate was even higher. This was the moment I decided to do something about it. The first half year I did an hour of cardio every single day. Then I started doing interval training with light weights and later on with heavier weights.

What’s your best tip to get fit?

My best tip is: JUST START! There’s no point in overthinking what to do in the gym and if you can do it or not. In that time, you should’ve already started. Once you begin, you’ll get better and learn quickly. Besides that, I think it’s very important to love what you do. If you don’t like weight training, do something else. When you don’t ike what you do, you won’t stick to it anyway. Of course you’ll have to push yourself in the beginning, you won’t be happy to work out every single day but when it becomes a routine, you’ll have to love it.

What do you like most about your lifestyle?

I like that I feel good in my skin. I feel healthy. I’m less tired than when I didn’t work out. I’m feeling better mentally as well. You’ll love your body more easily when you work out. Not only because your body looks better but because you feel better. Working out is my way to reduce stress as well.

Do you have any more goals in the future?

I would love to help others with the knowledge I’ve gathered so far. I think you can learn a lot from experience and I know how it is to be a beginner. I like to help people and I would love it if I’m able to motivate others to get fit!

Who is your biggest inspiration ‘fitwise’?

That’s a hard question. Obviously, I follow famous fitnessmodels but I can’t say who my biggest inspiration is. What I do know, is that I always get motivated meeting people with similar intrests. For example, when I met up with you, Dorine and Debby, I had new motivation. Also, when I went to FIBO and met Anniek Van Keulen, Jessica Lauren Knehans and Denice Moberg, I felt like going for it even more. It’s just so much fun to see what everyone has reached so far and that motivates me. You can see what’s possible, if you want it bad enough.

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