Why you should practise yoga in the morning

Getting up earlier to practise yoga in the morning must sound terrible to you. But here are some reasons that might convince you to set your alarm and just DO IT.

There are 5 major benefits of practising yoga in the morning:

1. Me-time!

Our days are extremely busy and sometimes it feels like we haven’t had any moment to ourselves. Me-time is crucial to take care of yourself! Even if it’s only 5 minutes, if you practise yoga before anyone else wakes up, you’ll have done something for yourself that day.

2. Start your day happy

Yoga boosts your circulation, your immune system and your mood. If you start your day practising yoga, you’ll have started your day in a good way. You’ll be more persistent to continue to carry that positive vibe throughout your day.

3. No stress

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress. Practising it early in the morning makes sure you start your day unstressed, ready to handle whatever that day throws at you.

4. Become a morning person

While doing this, you’ll make a routine out of it and in time, you won’t mind getting up early anymore. You’ll be more likely to make your bedtime a priority as well, ’cause you know you’re getting out early. You’ll be more efficient, less waisting your time watching hours and hours of your favorite series and you’ll be proud of doing that. You’ll have your life under control and feel like every hour is an hour spend well.

5. Daily workouts

Don’t have time to work out after your job/school/…? This is the perfect way to get your daily workout in. It might not be as intense as a HIIT session but you’ll have done something! It doesn’t take so much time and you don’t have to worry about making time the rest of the day to hit the gym.

Would you like to see my morning yoga routine? Keep an eye on my YouTube channel!




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