How to get flexible fast!

Yes, it’s possible! Most people wish they were more flexible but think it’s unreal to really achieve it. Today I share my secrets on how to get flexible FAST:

Are you ever amazed with people who can get into the splits? Think you could never do that? Wrong! You could do this when you were a child. You just lost this natural flexibility and need to find it again! If you’re determined and are willing to stretch 5 times a week for only 15 minutes per session, you’ll be amazed with the results.

Make sure to use the following tips:

Don’t rush it

Tip number one to get flexible fast is not to rush it. Sounds contradictive? Well, it is! If you rush it, you don’t let your body get used to be more flexible. The key to get further in a certain stretching position is to hold that pose. Let your muscles get used to bend further. These are called static stretches, you need to hold the pose for 10 to 30 seconds!

Follow a plan

A really good plan is to stretch shortly after every workout and implement one or two days a week to really focus on a long and intense stretch. If you’re not working out besides the stretching, you could go for three to four stretching days a week.

Repeat similar exercises

Your body gets used to exercises if you repeat them. So if you want to achieve the splits, make sure to practise it every single time you stretch!



Make sure your muscles are warmed up before you get into a stretch to prevent injury. No time to warm up? Your body is warm when you wake up, so stretching in the morning right after you get out of bed is a good solution!

Foam rolling

Use a foam roller after your workout to release tension, relax sore muscles and increase flexibility. You can use a foam roller before your workout as well to warm up your muscles.


It sounds silly, but to get flexible fast you should watch what you eat. Especially micro-nutrients are important to improve your flexibility. These nutrients are essential for the health of your body’s connective tissues. If you’re not a fan of supplements, it basically comes down to eating more fruits and vegetables!

Good luck!




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