Quick & Easy Microwave Rice by Bosto

No time to cook but looking for a quick, simple and healthy meal? Use Bosto’s microwave rice. It will only takes 90 seconds to get that rice on the table!

Say what, 90 seconds?!

Yes, you read it correctly! This rice is pre-steamed while maintaining taste and texture. It’s super quick and easy to prepare, only 90 seconds in the microwave. There’s 200g in each little pot so perfect to eat with chicken and some veggies!


I got two flavors at the pressdays to try out: Cocunut&Lemongrass and Coriander&Ginger. They were both delicious! I couldn’t wait to go to the store and get some more! They have them with brown+quinoa, brown and Basmati as well. Can’t wait to try these too! The brown+quinoa one is probably the healthiest so I’ll try that one next.

Where can I get this?

That’s the tricky part! I tought I could go buy them at Liddl but no luck. After contacting the press agency and learning they’re from Colruyt, I went over there. But no luck either, my Colruyt doesn’t sell these… But I was still dedicated to find them again!

So after some online searching, I found that Delhaize sells the Brown+Quinoa (€2.99), Basmati (€3.09) and Brown (€2.99) versions. Carrefour Drive has the Brown (€2.93), Brown+Quinoa (€2.93), Basmati (3.03), Coconut&Lemongrass (€3.49) and the Coriander&Ginger (€3.49) version!

Now I can enjoy this quick, healthy and delicious microwave rice again, yay!





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