How to get back on track!

So you got off-track, you’re not commited to reaching your goal anymore, you lost the motivation or just don’t know how to start achieving the things that you want. Don’t beat yourself up about it, use my tips to get back on track:

Just do it.

The Nike-slogan says it all. JUST DO IT. You have to get into a routine and the only way to get into a routine is START! Habits need to be scheduled, you need to repeat an action to make it a habit. So put in your agenda when you’re going to work out for example and just do it.

Get a buddy

Find someone with similar goals and go for it together. It’s much more motivating and it’s easier to stick to the plan when there’s someone waiting for you to join them. It can be your boyfriend, your mum, a friend or even an instagram-friend!

on track with friends

Design your environment for success

If you’re trying to eat healthy, don’t buy cookies and chips. Even though there in a cupboard, they will be calling your name. Don’t buy it so you can’t eat it. Put up motivational quotes around the house to keep you motivated! Are you trying to drink more water? Make sure there’s always a drinking bottle nearby.

Be specific

Make your goals clear. Don’t say “I want to lose some weight”, clearly state how much weight you wan to lose. This will be much more motivating to keep going and every little step will feel like a victory.

Be inspired

Follow people that have achieved similar goals or people who are on their journey towards similar goals, for example on instagram! Read blogs with tips on how to get to your goals (congrats on doing that already by reading this!). Look up some inspiration on pinterest, talk with your friends about your goals, …

I believe that you can do this, now you have to believe it too and just GO FOR IT! Good luck!



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