5 nuts you should eat on a daily base

Eating a handful of nuts daily is healthy, but not all of them are as good for your body! Only these reduce the chance of heart diseases:

Only raw nuts are healthy. So this means only unsalted, unburned, unroasted nuts. Watch out: the peanut isn’t a nut, it’s a legume which looks like a nut… The peanut contains lots of omega 8 fats and that’s the reason why they are pretty unhealthy. Try to eat more of these:


Per 100 gram, almonds consists of 575 calories: 21g protein, 22g carbs and 49g fat. Almonds are filled with vitamin E and magnesium. They help for anti-aging, firm muscles and the health of your heart. It reduces fats in the blood, for example it helps agains high cholesterol.

Cashew nuts

Per 100 gram, cashew nuts consists of 553 calories: 18g protein, 33g carbs and 44g fat. These nuts have the least amount of calories in 100 gram. They are high in copper, which is important to protect yourself against anemia and colon cancer.


Per 100 gram, hazelnuts consists of 628 calories: 15g protein, 17g carbs and 61g fat. Hazelnuts contain lots of folic acid. Pregnant women need this acid to protect their unborn child from a neural tube defect. Besides folic acid, hazelnuts are filled with vitamin E and copper.


Per 100 gram, walnuts consists of 654 calories: 15g protein, 14g carbs and 65g fat. Walnuts are filled with omega 3 fatty acids which help you to burn fat, reduce your hunger and keep your brains smart. Also, walnuts have antioxidants to fight bacteria in your body.

Try to vary between raw nuts to get your body everything it needs! Do you eat nuts on a daily base?




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