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Time for a personal update. ‘Cause what exactly is my goal? I’ve been on this ‘getting fit’ journey for quite some time now. Let’s look back on how I did so far and talk about what my goals are for the future:


My first instagram picture dates january 29, 2014. Some fruits on a plate with only hashtags in the caption. I can’t remember if it really is the first pic I ever posted, maybe I’ve deleted a couple already. Anyway, it has been almost four years since I started my Sophia_Getfit account, dedicated to get fit. At that time, I just wanted to look fuller. I was very very skinny and wanted bigger boobs and a butt.

All I did (besides hours and hours of dancing) were Blogilates workouts. Cassey Ho was my big example.

What did I do?

I never stuck to any workout plan for long, a couple of weeks and then I got off track or wanted to try something new. I loved to participate in challenges were you did a different pose every single day. After that I got into Insanity and some other online programs (BBG, Kayla Itsines, the BOD, …), I tried my own schedules, different e-books, got into yoga, HIIT, …

We bought a fitness machine and dumbbells ’cause I always worked out at home but wanted to spice up my workouts by adding weight. In february 2017 I got a gym membership, which I used for a couple of months. Then I got off track again and did nothing for a while.

We finished our garage gym in october and since then I’m doing my workouts there. I switch it up every couple of weeks and put the focus on different body parts along the way. This keeps it interesting and possible for me to stick to. I do not work out every single day, just 2 to 3 times a week. Besides the working out, I still teach dance one day a week and I follow dance classes another day in the week. So in total, I have 5 days a week where I do some kind of sport.

To recapitulate, it was hard for me to stick to a plan but I did reached some goals. I definitely got some more volume, thanks to working out AND just the normal growing older, getting my feminine forms. I’m very happy that I managed to get my stomach the way I wanted. It looks flat, I have my ab-lines but it doesn’t look creepy skinny. I’m happy with my booty as well, it looks cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

Future goals

Along with the more volume that I got, I developed some cellullite along the way. I never talk about this ’cause I really hate it and feel embarrassed by it. I do know that lots of girls have this problem, even the extremely skinny ones. But this is definitely an issue that I want to tackle in the future.

Besides the little cellullite problem, I want to work on my upper arms as well. They look too fluffy to me! I can probably fix this by eating healthier. That’s a tricky one for me, ’cause chocolate is my best friend!


My fitjourney isn’t over. And to be honest, it never will be. This is my lifestyle and I want to keep working on my body to be fit and healthy for the rest of my life. So I’ll continue my workouts, spicing it up every couple of weeks, challenging myself with heavier weights, more stretches, new ways of working out, … I’m happy and looking forward to continue like this!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this personal post! ๐Ÿ™‚





  • Jana Six

    Ik heb zoals heel veel meisjes ook cellulitis en om eerlijkt te zijn, ik heb echt gewoon aanvaard. Ik heb er eigenlijk nooit heel erg problemen mee gehad en wil het ook niet weg ofzo. Het is wel minder zichtbaar geworden door te sporten en gezond te eten ๐Ÿ˜Š ik vind dat je er super goed uitziet, succes met je nieuwe doelen!

  • Sophia_GetFit

    Thanks babe! Het klopt inderdaad dat het minder zichtbaar wordt door te sporten en gezond te eten. Aan dat gezond eten heb ik nog heel wat werk. Ik eet bijvoorbeeld een groot stuk appelcake terwijl ik dit typ :/ Maar ik kijk ernaar uit om gezonder te worden, ik voel me altijd veel energieker en fitter als ik weer een tijdje goed bezig ben!

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