Let’s experiment: A NEW PROJECT

Revealing my new project: a YouTube Experiment. Curious what I’m about to do? Keep on reading! I’m being all open and honest about my channel, including stats & HOW MUCH MONEY I MADE!

YouTube anno 2017:

Last year I launched my YouTube Channel Sophia GetFit. In one year, I gained 530 followers and a total of 81 700 views on a total of 46 videos. I’m really happy with these numbers and love the YouTube community. My top ten videos are all reviews that I did. On top, the Freddy Pantroom Review with 45K views.

Does this mean I made lots of money on YouTube? Not really. After one year, the advertising income is 61.97 euros in total. And this doesn’t mean I’ll see any of this money soon, they pay you once you get to 70 euros. So still a couple of months probably before I get paid for the first time! So obviously, you don’t start a channel on YouTube for the money. I love sharing reviews, workout videos, fit tips&tricks, … on my channel!

Let’s experiment:

Beside the reviews, my channel isn’t doing so well with vlogs, workout videos or sit-down-and-talk-videos. I’ve decided that I’ll set up another channel Sophia GetFit NL with YouTube videos in dutch (my native language). I hope that I’ll be able to express myself better and be more me. This channel will be about my lifestyle and not just about my fitjourney. At the end of 2018 I’ll evaluate and decide if I want to keep making videos in dutch or in english.

The goal of the NL-channel is to achieve over 1000 followers in order to continue in dutch. That’s double the amount of my english subs at the moment. So for now, I’ll be posting a dutch video on my NL-channel every monday. My english channel will continue to exist but only for reviews. You’ll get a video every other saturday on that channel!


I hope y’all subscribe to my new channel and are excited (like me!) to see how this experiment goes!





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