How to get back on track: Start your fitjourney NOW

Start your fitjourney NOW and this is HOW:

Get Active

All Christmas parties and family get-togethers are probably (almost) over so you have no excuses left. Take the time to work out. Either at home, in a sports club practising your favorite sports or at the gym! Cardio can burn those extra holiday-calories fast, I prefer HIIT for a quick and effective workout.

Eat balanced

If you are someone who can eat clean for weeks, go and do that. But I know from experience that I can’t do that and I’m definitely not alone. Plan your treatmeals and try to eat clean for the rest of the week. Counting your macros can really help to find a nice balance and eat towards your goals.


Planning is key to stick to your routine and get to your goals. I like to plan in when I will work out, which muscles I’ll train on which day, … Also, planning what you’ll eat is a game-changer too. You can go for mealpreps, preparing your meals so you’ll HAVE to eat the healthy meal and not go to a quick not-so-healthy-meal. Or you can decide not to buy unhealthy stuff anymore so you won’t be tempted. Another tip: don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you’ll go for the unhealthy stuff much faster in that scenario.

Some days will be good, some days will be bad. Don’t feel sad about the bad days, everyone has those. Keep your eyes on your goal and DO NOT give up!

Good luck!



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