What’s your muscle fiber type?

Did you ever wonder why certain sports or workout programs work for one person and not for someone else? Well, that’s because our muscle fiber isn’t thesame. They distinguish 3 types of muscle fiber:

Type I

People with muscle fiber type I have a good endurance. They don’t get tired fast but are less likely to gain strength quickly. These type I fibers are called “slow twitch fibers”. These people usually have a hard time gaining lots of muscles, it’s hard to get visible strong, big muscles. They are good in athletic sports like running.

Type IIA

Muscle fiber type IIA has lots of power for a short time but last longer than type IIB. It’s a hybrid of type I and type IIB and are also called “fast oxidative fibres”. These muscles are great at combining strength with energy. Resistance training can turn type IIB fibers into type IIA. People with this type are mostly great at ball sports.

Type IIB

This type, also called “fast glycolytic fibers”, can give lots of power during a short amount of time. Unfortunately these muscles get tired out fast. These people are usually good at weight lifting, sprinting, … They don’t have to do much to gain some muscle.

So your type of muscle is definitely genetic BUT training can change a lot.

Can you guess which one you are?




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