Healthy breakfast with LIMA Express Porridges

Glutenfree, vegan, 100 percent vegetal and biologically certified oats! Sounds great right? Keep reading to find out how I make my breakfast:

Lowers your cholesterol:

Oats contain beta-glucanes that lower the cholesterol. It’s proven that 3g beta-glucane a day lowers your cholesterol and one portion of Porridge Oats from Lima has 35 percent of that daily need.


It’s called Express Porridge ’cause you can make your breakfast in no time! You can add 70 to 100 ml of hot water to a portion of 35g oats and it’s ready! Add fruits, nuts or seeds to add flavour and color. There are 3 different types of express porridges: superfruits; omega3 and matcha spirulina!

I’m personally not a big fan of hot oats, I prefer to make it differently:

My breakfast

I like to mix the oats with egg whites and bake a pancake with it. Add some chia seeds and a banana and there’s a perfectly healthy and balanced breakfast!

The macro’s of my breakfast are:

  • 36g omega 3 express porridge: 137cal; 18g carbs; 4,3g fats; 4,5g protein
  • 1 banana: 98cal; 26,7g carbs; 0g fats; 0,9g protein
  • 5g chia seeds: 22cal; 0,1g carbs; 1,5g fats; 1g protein
  • 100g Two Chicks Egg White: 50cal; 1g carbs; 0g fats; 10,5g protein
  • Cooking spray: 4cal; 0g carbs; 0,4g fats; 0g protein

TOTAL: 311cal; 46g carbs; 6g fats; 17g protein

That’s 60 percent carbs; 18 percent fats and 22 percent protein. A great way to start your day!

You can get Lima in health food stores exclusively, find your closest shop here.




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