VITHIT: My newest low-calorie addiction!

Refreshing, full of vitamins and low in calories. Perfect on-the-go, in the car, at home, … Just everywhere! VITHIT is the newest vitamin drink with natural ingredients and low in calories. (35kcal/500ml). It’s based on tea, juice and water.


This drink is originally from Ireland, creaed by a rugby player. He wanted to create a clean, tasty and low sugar drink that quenches your thirst. Well, he did a great job. This drink definitely gives you an energy and vitamin boost!

I received a beautiful wooden box with their 5 tasty flavors:

  • Perform: This dark orange drink based on mango and passion fruit gives a lot of energy, loving it!
  • Detox: This light orange drink is based on mandarin and revitalising green tea. It’s more of a detox-drink. I loved the flavor.
  • Boost: This red one is the lowest in calories, only 15kcal in 500ml! It gives you a nice energy boost and is based on berry juice, ginseng and rooibos tea. It tastes a little more exotic.
  • Lean & green: A green drink based on apple and mate tea (which is 3x richer in antioxidants than green tea). I definitely felt the detox here, it rinced my body ’cause I had to pee more often than usual! It tasted very fresh!
  • Immunitea: This one was definitely my favorite considering taste. It’s a pretty pink drink based on ddragonfruit, yuzu and Ceylan. Rich in antioxidants! It has lots of sink and echinacea in it, for a better immune system. I loved the subtle touch of the fruits mixed with tea.



All vitamins in these drinks have great attributes:

  • Vitamin B1 boosts your memory and moral, regulates blood pressure and helps the energy production.
  • Vitamin B2 is the go-to vitamin if you have a migraine!
  • Vitamin B3 protects your skin, lowers cholesterol and makes the hormons and nervous system function optimally.
  • Vitamin B5 lowers cholesterol, helps against stress and stimulates hair -and nail growth.
  • Vitamin B6 protects against virusses and bacteria, plus it’s imortant for your metabolism!
  • Vitamin B7 stimulates our bones, nails and the hair
  • Vitamin B11 improves your appetite and helps burning fat
  • Vitamin B12 fights chronical tiredness and concentration issues. It boosts your skin as well.
  • Vitamin C strengthens your skin and bones. It improves burning fats!

Want to try this drink? Find it at Carrefour, Colruyt & Cora

PS: I’ve spotted them in the vending machines at college KdG in Antwerp as well!

Crucial tip: best served cold, for an ultra fresh & healthy moment!






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